My next date for offering to share the First Three RITES OF THE MUNAY KI
will be on :-
Saturday 11th April (10.30am - 5.30pm )

This event is open to all men & women, who feel ready to awaken the seeds of their Luminous Lightbodies & who feel ready to Activate, Awaken & Heal their ancestral lineage.

The Munay-Ki are a series Of nine empowerment rites based on the Initiatory Practices of the Q'ero Shamans of Peru, as taught by anthropologist Alberto Villoldo. "Munay" in Quechua means "love and will", together with "ki", from the Chinese word for energy, ...combine to give the meaning:.... Energy Of Love xx

These Sacred Medicine Attunrments & Transmissions come from the Leika, the Day Keepers & Wisdom Keepers of The Ancient Medicine Ways of Peru. They are the Sacred Earth Keepers & Guardians Of Machu Picchu & The Holy Mountain Tops.

During this Powerful Healing Day, each student will receive .....

We shall also share in the Sacred 13th RITE OF WOMB - Which heals all birthing dramas & traumas

Experience the healing ways of Mother/Sister & Father /Brother,Jaguar,Serpent,Eagle,Condor & Hummingbird & learn how to bring their Medicines into every day life

This transformational Shamanic Medicine Day will empower & awaken the Sleeping Earth Keeper within all those who feel guided to step forward

We are the Medicine Of The Earth & that Medicine is love

Course Venue .. Craigielands Mill Holistic Healing Centre,
By Woodland Waters
DG10 9RD

If your heart calls :-
the Spiritual investment is £60 per person

To Book Your Place - Please PM Zaria on Facebook or Text Zaria on 07919 421304 or email

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